Reading to Your Kids About Emotions

It’s been a rough weekend for everyone, hasn’t it? My advice? Read to your kids. Read all that you can for as long as you can—but read with and to your kids. I’ve got a new post up at ChicagoNow with a few suggestions. Check ’em out:

Gillian Flynn and Christmas Stories …

Hey all! It’s been a busy week so far—finished the fab fab fab “Dark Places” over the weekend and am also making a couple of holiday recommendations if you need a read with a seasonal theme. Check out my last two posts: Read That? Now Read This: Gilllian Flynn Gifts and Gore: Two Alternative ChristmasContinue reading “Gillian Flynn and Christmas Stories …”

Litzy’s on the move!

I’m excited to announce that LitzyDitz is joining my blogging buddies at ChicagoNow! Same concept—just taking the blog over to a new WordPress platform so that hopefully, I can share a little book love with a lot more people. I really, really hope all my WordPress friends follow me over and “like” my new homeContinue reading “Litzy’s on the move!”

Beautiful Ruins

There’s nothing like a trip to the Italian coast when the temps plummet into winter. Beautiful Ruins is a lovely, lovely tale—taking the best parts of an intricate tale like The Casual Vacancy and blending it with sweeping, emotionally wrought stories of love, such as in The Light Between Oceans. Were I a single girlContinue reading “Beautiful Ruins”

Heading Out to Wonderful

Liked A Reliable Wife? So did I. But I liked this better. Author Robert Goolrick’s sophomore effort, Heading Out to Wonderful, is worth your time on a long, rainy weekend. Or a road trip. Or the doctor’s office. It doesn’t take very many pages before you are completely engrossed in the tale of Charlie Beale,Continue reading “Heading Out to Wonderful”

Caravan of Thieves

Is it a screenplay masquerading as a book, or a book masquerading as a screenplay? David Rich may be a debut author, but he’s no novice. His work prior to this book was heavy on the screenplay—and I’m not sure that was knowledge that helped or hurt the cause as I read. Lest you thinkContinue reading “Caravan of Thieves”

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

Here’s me, being vulnerable: I read a self-help book. Except that “The Gifts of Imperfection” really isn’t a self-help book. Sure, there are elements of “how to” (aka “Dig Deep”) in it, and the text will most certainly result in intense moments of self-reflection. But Dr. Brené Brown’s work is more, “Here’s what I knowContinue reading “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are”

The Light Between Oceans

Grab the book, grab a Kleenex, say adios to the family for at least the day. M.L. Stedman’s debut effort (What IS it with debut books, lately?) is astoundingly good and well worth your time to read. The story of lightkeeper Tom Sherbourne and his wife Isabelle in early 1900s Australia, it will only takeContinue reading “The Light Between Oceans”