Beautiful Ruins

There’s nothing like a trip to the Italian coast when the temps plummet into winter. Beautiful Ruins is a lovely, lovely tale—taking the best parts of an intricate tale like The Casual Vacancy and blending it with sweeping, emotionally wrought stories of love, such as in The Light Between Oceans. Were I a single girl in 1962, I just may have fought Amedea for Pasquale’s heart. Oh, Pasquale … What you need to know before you dive in—the reader is jostled back and forth between 1962 in Italy and “Recently” in the States. Most of the characters figure prominently in … Continue reading Beautiful Ruins

Heading Out to Wonderful

Liked A Reliable Wife? So did I. But I liked this better. Author Robert Goolrick’s sophomore effort, Heading Out to Wonderful, is worth your time on a long, rainy weekend. Or a road trip. Or the doctor’s office. It doesn’t take very many pages before you are completely engrossed in the tale of Charlie Beale, and his journey to Brownsburg, where his life intersects with that of Will and Alma Haislett, their son Sam, and the residents of this tiny town in Virgina in the late 1940s. Here’s what you need to know—it’s historical fiction, it’s a love story, and … Continue reading Heading Out to Wonderful

Caravan of Thieves

Is it a screenplay masquerading as a book, or a book masquerading as a screenplay? David Rich may be a debut author, but he’s no novice. His work prior to this book was heavy on the screenplay—and I’m not sure that was knowledge that helped or hurt the cause as I read. Lest you think I’m about to insult, I’m not—the book is a good read. I may not put it in the same category as a Clancy or Baldacci, but for the CIA-style thriller, it was enjoyable. The story’s main character, Rollie Waters, is drawn into a three-way war … Continue reading Caravan of Thieves

The Lion is In

If you’re looking for a happier ending to “Thelma and Louise,” this is it. Delia Ephron had me hooked with “You’ve Got Mail”—a movie, yes, but the dialogue still kills, years later. When “The Lion is In,” arrived at the library, I was one of the first to snatch it up. And she doesn’t disappoint. This novel, about three women on the path to self-discovery on their way down South and through a run-down bar, was a perfect afternoon/evening distraction. The story centers on Lana, Tracee and Rita, who find each other along a rural stretch of highway, most definitely … Continue reading The Lion is In