The Sandcastle Girls

You know the term “investment piece?” We hear it a lot in fashion and furniture. Sure, it’s not exactly trendy, and it costs more, but it lasts longer. You’ll use it forever. It’s well-worth the larger financial and/or emotional investment. That’s “The Sandcastle Girls.” This book isn’t going to blow up the summer reading charts in the same fashion as the “50 Shades” trilogy or Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.” But it certainly isn’t any less worthy of accolades. It’s simply a really tough read. It is about a love affair, but it’s not traditionally romantic. Set in the early 1900s … Continue reading The Sandcastle Girls

The Night Strangers

I literally squealed with glee when I received my copy of “The Night Strangers” as a birthday present from a friend. Glee. Now, after finishing it in a marathon “Go away, kids, Mommy is reading and she needs to find out if Mr. X is going to die” session, I’m so conflicted. Conflicted, because while Chris Bohjalian wrote another EXCELLENT piece of fiction, the ending moved me to tears. I suppose if I got the ending I had wanted, that would have been predictable. And Bohjalian is anything but predictable. This is not a happy book. And I wouldn’t recommend … Continue reading The Night Strangers