Calico Joe

What a great Father’s Day gift this would make. I was hesitant to recommend “Calico Joe” as part of a summer reading list for the magazine I work at, mostly because while I have adored John Grisham’s stories in the past, I was really, really disappointed with one of his more recent efforts, “The Associate.”Continue reading “Calico Joe”

Carry The One

I love summer reading. It puts the “fun” in dysfunctional. Dysfunctional fiction, meet my dysfunctional schedule. That’s summer in a nutshell. I need books that I can either pick up and put down easily without having to think too hard when I revisit them, or books that allow me to finish them in essentially oneContinue reading “Carry The One”

The Lion is In

If you’re looking for a happier ending to “Thelma and Louise,” this is it. Delia Ephron had me hooked with “You’ve Got Mail”—a movie, yes, but the dialogue still kills, years later. When “The Lion is In,” arrived at the library, I was one of the first to snatch it up. And she doesn’t disappoint.Continue reading “The Lion is In”

The Tiger’s Wife

While “The Tiger’s Wife” is rocketing to literary acclaim, for me, it was less of a “Rowr,” and more like a “Purrrrrr…” Novelist Tea Obreht’s story is, as aptly described on a blog post elsewhere, like a painting in a museum. An impressionist painting of a landscape, with one lone soul looking from down fromContinue reading “The Tiger’s Wife”