Beautiful Ruins

There’s nothing like a trip to the Italian coast when the temps plummet into winter. Beautiful Ruins is a lovely, lovely tale—taking the best parts of an intricate tale like The Casual Vacancy and blending it with sweeping, emotionally wrought stories of love, such as in The Light Between Oceans. Were I a single girlContinue reading “Beautiful Ruins”

Heading Out to Wonderful

Liked A Reliable Wife? So did I. But I liked this better. Author Robert Goolrick’s sophomore effort, Heading Out to Wonderful, is worth your time on a long, rainy weekend. Or a road trip. Or the doctor’s office. It doesn’t take very many pages before you are completely engrossed in the tale of Charlie Beale,Continue reading “Heading Out to Wonderful”

The Sandcastle Girls

You know the term “investment piece?” We hear it a lot in fashion and furniture. Sure, it’s not exactly trendy, and it costs more, but it lasts longer. You’ll use it forever. It’s well-worth the larger financial and/or emotional investment. That’s “The Sandcastle Girls.” This book isn’t going to blow up the summer reading chartsContinue reading “The Sandcastle Girls”

Rules of Civility

I absolutely adore books that include moments I never saw coming. So is the case of “Rules of Civility.” The story of friends Katya “Katey” Kontent and Evelyn “Evey” Ross, it almost reads like a “Sex and the City” meets “The Great Gatsby.” Kate and Eve are fast friends in late 30s NYC, rooming togetherContinue reading “Rules of Civility”

The Fault in our Stars

Hmmm … “The Fault in our Stars” made it to my reading list primarily because I had several good friends tell me how wonderful it was. And it was the book’s legion of fans insisting it should have won the Pulitzer that has me wondering just how good it could be. (My fangirl Pulitzer voteContinue reading “The Fault in our Stars”

To Be Sung Underwater

Ah, well. If you have even the teeniest bone in your body that belongs to a hopeless romantic, THIS is the book you should read. The story of Judith and Willy is the story of anyone who experienced an all-encompassing first love—the kind that lives in your heart long past it makes sense for itContinue reading “To Be Sung Underwater”