What an eerie, captivating book. You’d like to think it’s unimaginable, except it’s not. So it’s even easier to become quickly attached to Jack, as he makes his way through his daily life, not knowing that anything extends past the four walls that surround him and his mother. I especially liked the little things the reader has to figure out on his or her own — it’s nice when an author expects some level of intelligence when it comes to their writing. (I’m talking about the breast feeding here—c’mon, you know you were pleasantly weirded out by that (in a “What the …OMG!” kind of way), weren’t you?) I’m not a huge fan of books that involve really unrealistic situations, which makes this all the more remarkable because a story about a mother and her son held in captivity for years would be a plot that could easily devolved into the completely absurd. Loved it, and couldn’t put in down.

Emma Donoghue

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