These Things Hidden

This was a great quick read — a poor man’s Jodi Picoult, I like Heather Gudenkauf because while the stories may be as contrived as Picoult, the endings are so much more realistic and there’s less of a chance I am going to throw the book across the room when I finish. In These Things Hidden, readers follow the story of Allison, whose recently been released from prison for a crime that technically, she really didn’t commit. She desperately tries to reach out to her sister, Brynn, and is unwittlingly drawn back into the same circle of people that played a role in the acts that led to her stint in prison. It was easy to become connected to the characters, and like any good story, I didn’t want to put the book down until I found out who did what and why. Maybe not as good as Weight of Silence, but still a great weekend/beach read.

These Things Hidden
Heather Gudenkauf

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