Wordy Shipmates

In honor of Columbus Day, I pulled up this review from a couple of years ago. Sarah Vowell writes the best history books. Ever.

Wordy Shipmates was book #2 I read by Sarah Vowell, and I liked it as much as Assassination Vacation. I’m left hoping today’s high school history teachers are using her as a supplemental text for several reasons:
1) It’s highly readable;
2) It’s relevant; and
3) Vowell is able to connect past history to the present in a very thought-provoking way.
If you thought the culture clash today between varying degrees of religiosity was brutal, then you should step into the Way Back Machine and visit with the Puritans, Separatists and Native American tribes of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, circa the early 1600s. I now know more about John Winthrop then I ever thought I would, and I have a deeper appreciation for prose as an art form.

Plus, she’s just so damn funny. I love her field trips with nephew Owen. I want to be Owen. Well, not in a mystical out-of-body-and-into-someone-else’s kind of way. I just think she’d be fun to hit a museum gift shop with.

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