For me, that pretty much sums up this debut effort from Nebraska-based author Rainbow Rowell. Attachments is an easy-to-read, great for a long weekend at your mother-in-law’s house kind of book. A breezy tale of love from afar, as Lincoln, the Y2K-era version of a techie security guard, secretly pines for a girl known only to him through the emails she sends her best friend/co-worker at the newspaper they work at.

Lincoln is in charge of the spam file and subsequent wrist-slapping of employees engaging in filthy language and non-work related activities via emai, but he can’t bring himself to cut Beth and Jennifer off because he enjoys their stories too much, almost living vicariously through them. (This is a guy that still lives with his mother, after all, having had his heart broken long ago by his first true love.)

Will Lincoln ever have the courage to meet Beth? Will Beth ever dump her rocker boyfriend? Will Jennifer get over herself? And will Lincoln’s mom let him go? Grab a bottle of your favorite screwtop wine and curl up on the couch to find out.

Rainbow Rowell

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