Putting Politics in Perspective with Humor

Politics got you down?

Between Illinois’ revolving door of gubernatorial disgraces and the Republican field of presidential contenders falling over themselves to make the next gaffe, it can be difficult to have any hope that our system of government really does work. (When a reality show celeb seriously—SERIOUSLY—wants to moderate a presidential debate, I think it’s safe to say Elvis has left the building.) So while I empathize with the notion that moving to Canada is a legitimate option, I’d ask you to reconsider for the moment, and instead, pick up a book that will make you laugh.

“Why Not Me?” is an oldie, but a goodie—and ironic, now that the author, Al Franken, serves the state of Minnesota as a senator. Perhaps he knew when he wrote the book that Washington, D.C. could be in his future. Maybe not. Regardless of making a mockery of campaign strategy and politics in general, I’m quite sure he takes his present role quite seriously (and performs it with a heaping dose of common sense). Of course, that’s neither here nor there—if you’re looking for a satirical break from MSNBC, FOX or CNN, this is the perfect book for it.

Franken’s “presidency” lasts just 144 days, but his road to the White House is nothing short of hilarious, and frankly, probably not far off the mark when given this election’s candidate slate. When you’re a single issue candidate railing against ATM fees, you are financing your campaign with a phone sex line and Dan Haggerty (“Grizzly Adams”) is running the show, how could you possibly go wrong?

Forget Canada. Move to Minnesota instead.

Why Not Me?
Al Franken


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