The Family Fang

Do you ever take a look around your dinner table and wonder, “Am I being Punk’d?”

If so, you’ll be able to easily relate to Annie and Buster Fang, the long suffering children of Camille and Caleb, two performance artists who live to create art from chaos. For reasons not disclosed until the end of the novel, Annic and Buster, known to the world as “Child A” and “Child B” are almost always the centerpiece of their parents’ artistic shenanigans—and it isn’t exactly fun for them—or comfortable for us—to read. But it’s worth it.

The book’s primary focus is on Annie and Buster in their young adult years, using flashbacks to their childhood art performances to tell the story of Caleb and Camille. Annie is a frustrated actress, unsure about her next moves, personally and professionally. Buster is a gonzo journalist at the end of his professional rope as well. Both turn to their parents for a little grounding—bad idea.

When Caleb and Camille disappear, it’s hard to tell where art ends and reality begins, leaving Annie and Buster confused and willing to go to extraordinary lengths to out their parents. It’s in that journey that ultimately, they free themselves. A great story, especially if you dig funky family dynamics.

The Family Fang
Kevin Wilson

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