Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

If you ever thought, “I really had the most interestingly-effed-up childhood,” I guarantee you’ve met your match in Jenny Lawson.

More popularly known as “The Bloggess,” Lawson’s memoir, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir)” details pretty much her entire life, from childhood and through marriage, professional career through parenting. There’s a million bloggers, I know. And nearly all of them at some point release a book. I begrudge them nothing. After all, if someone came along and said, “Litzy, your book insights are so fucking awesome, we’d love for you to do nothing but read all day and we’ll pay you gobs of money for your posts, AND we’re going to compile them in book form …” you’d be peeling me off the ceiling after I wet myself from screaming gleefully and laughing at the same time. But yeah, I get a little skeptical, because, like I said, there’s a million bloggers out there. How does one differentiate itself from another, especially when it’s just kind of about life in general?

Bloggers do that by being REALLY good at what they do, knowing their audience, and not straying from it. In Lawson’s case, it’s applying her sardonic wit to her daily life, and not being afraid to use the word “fuck” a lot. And if you’re uncomfortable with that, and some pretty brutal honesty, that’s OK with her too, I suppose, because she has a fan base that loves her and doesn’t need you to up her click-through rate on her blog.

Lawson’s book is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and my kids often wondered why I was crying from laughing so hard. The last time I did that was with a David Sedaris book, so, Ms. Lawson, I hope you recognize that for the highest possible compliment that is. Her childhood is flat-out wacky, and tales from her high school years made me immediately feel better about mine. And if you work in HR? You’re gonna love that chapter. And I’m now considering Post-Its as a totally appropriate way to talk to my husband.

If you’re thinking of picking this up, I would highly recommend it as something you can pick up and put down over the span of a couple of days or even weeks. Because each chapter is hilarious as a stand-alone, it’s almost exhausting to try to read huge chunks of it all at once. Take your time and enjoy Lawson’s company over vacation, not in a single plane ride.

“Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”
Jenny Lawson

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