The Girl I Used to Know

It’s really almost embarrassing how many parenting books I have on my shelves. And how few devoted to improving myself. Few, as in “zero.”

This isn’t because I think I’m perfect. It’s more a matter of 1) knowing there’s not much anything is going to be able to do to turn this hot mess into a well-adjusted human being and 2) not having the time to devote to even begin the conquest. So when I had the opportunity to dive into Marla Majewski’s “The Girl I Used to Know,” I immediately connected. Here was someone else, perfectly happy with being a parent, but feeling completely overwhelmed and lost in the job. Where did I go? Where are my movie nights with friends? Working out? Making great dinners? Working without caring if I stayed past 5?

Majewski’s book reads like a coffee date that friend/therapist/mother that always has the best advice and offers up just the right food for thought to get you on track. It’s empathetic without being preachy, but stands firm in that if you want to move forward, then you have to commit to the process.

I’m not “touchy feely.” I’m not a “self-help” kind of gal. So I tend to go into these reviews with one eye already on the exit door and my voice on the verge of snark. This book was a welcome change, and easy to relate to. Readers are asked to commit to paper thoughts and feelings from the past and present, help and hinderances that make reaching goals possible or not, and groundwork for the future when it comes to setting goals and achieving them.

Majewski, a life coach, is also big on organization and de-cluttering, which makes sense. After all, moving forward is much easier when you can shed the dead weight that makes up your emotional baggage, and the material possessions that become a constant distraction. (How many times have you, instead of spending some quality “me” time thinking about your goals and working toward them, used housework and your email in-box as an excuse to avoid the really hard work?”)

If you are ready to remember what it really is you wanted to be “when you grew up” and consider reaching toward that goal again, this is a great field guide. The e-book will be out later this summer, but you can find the book online at Majewski’s website.

The Girl I Used to Know
Marla Majewski

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