One Step Too Far

Originally published May 2013

Need a book for the beach bag? “One Step Too Far” is a great summer read.

Tina Seskis’ tale of a woman gone missing, gone wrong and gone—yes, too far—hooks you from the get go. Seskis wastes no time jumping in, putting the protagonist, Emily Coleman, on a train out of town on Page One. It’s up to the reader to zip through the pages to find out why.

Emily soon becomes Catherine “Cat” Brown, and in her escape to a new life, makes fast friends with Angel— a fast and loose flatmate. In a few short months, Cat and Angel have a new place and Cat has a new life. That said, she realizes that while you can give yourself a new name and new surroundings, you can’t erase memories, and you really can’t escape the past.

It’s a fascinating past, too, complete with a crazed twin sister Caroline—complete with her own set of problems. Frances and Andrew play the parents, neither of whom seem too engaged in their roles. And then there’s Ben, Emily’s betrothed. When Emily boards a train to a new life, it’s Ben left to pick up the pieces and care for Charlie.

There are a few missteps along the way—sections of the book seem rushed, and there are parts of Cat’s story that I personally think are odd. Nothing major that detracts from overall fun that was figuring out what Cat has gone loco, just strange. Me? I’m probably not going to stay friends with someone that gets me hooked on coke, but maybe I just set my friendship bar too high.

Campy, gossipy and with an unexpected twist or two at the end, “One Step Too Far” really is perfect for the beach, the pool or the airport. Seskis takes Cat on a dangerous, wild adventure, with lives laid to waste along the way—it’s up to you to decide which step is the one too far.

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