If you support Trump the man, then the problem is you.

Originally published June 2017

Let’s set aside politics for the moment. I’m willing to agree to disagree on important policy issues including taxes, health care and education. I recognize there’s usually more than one solution for the challenges we face when it comes to operating the country and serving its citizens.

I also get that every good man or woman can have a dark side. A skeleton in a closet. That every person capable of good, even great things, may not be a good or great person. The Steve Jobs memoir illustrates that scenario beautifully.

But c’mon now. Donald Trump is no Steve Jobs.

I was done with Trump the politician before he even became president. The lack of a grasp on policy details and empty promises in the name of showmanship should have scared off even the most loyal of loyalists. And I was done with Trump the man the moment he mocked a disabled reporter. That was the deal breaker. There’s just no excuse.

So, what’s yours?

You want to get behind whatever semblance of an idea he has to solve a political problem this nation faces? Fine. We’re a democracy and I’ll fight for your right to share, support and defend his policy stance. But anyone who knows me knows that using a low IQ as some sort of insult is likely to make my head explode. So, when loyalists like Paul Ryan essentially poo-poos the behavior with an “I don’t find it appropriate” comment, my jaw drops. Not finding something “appropriate” is akin to tsk-tsking the intern wearing a sheer blouse without a bra to the office.

And when Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives Trump’s tweets about Mika Brzezinski a full-throated defense? I about lose my damn mind.

Ms. Sanders, I dare you: Name a single company, public or private, that wouldn’t fire their CEO if he or she used references to intelligence, mental health and general appearance in a disparaging way toward another person. Name one.

I’ll wait. In the meantime you might want to cc Dov Charney and Mike Jeffries on your reply.

And the “They started it first” defense is one used by children. Small children. Who usually are losing the argument when those words are uttered.

Shoot, even if you’re willing to forgo the moral high ground because Trump’s your political horse, you know he’s stuck in the gates, right? So why are you still standing behind him swatting him on the hindquarters?

I’m a parent to a young adult with a low IQ. A young adult empathetic to a fault, who has spent the better part of the last 15 years fighting for his self-esteem because of asshattery such as this. A young adult who I could not be prouder of and is a better man than our president is. And I have bit my tongue at every turn when it comes to my blog because I am not a political blogger.

But by standing by and not specifically calling out Trump on this kind of heinous behavior, you make yourself complicit. Sanders, Ryan et al … let me do you the favor of making this very clear to you — regardless of the number of electoral college votes, regardless of the desk he sits behind Tweeting, there is NEVER an acceptable time to spew misogynistic comments. Insults about being “crazy” or “psycho.” Slamming someone by claiming they have a low IQ. If you’re not calling for his head on a platter, there is something wrong with your value system. Simply distancing yourself from him isn’t enough anymore. It never was to begin with.

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