Book Lovers’ Day: Why I Love You, The Book Lovers

Originally published August 2018

I know I am a little late to the game today, but I couldn’t let Book Lovers Day slip by without an acknowledgment.

I’ve written about it at least once before, here. But I thought I’d take a few minutes to express gratitude not just for books, but for my fellow book lovers.

In all my days of loving all things creative, from books to TV to film to music, I will say this about book lovers that sets them apart from everyone else — regardless of a person’s taste for an author or genre, when you get book lovers together, we’re just a gaggle of geeks thrilled to hear about what everyone else is reading.

There’s nary an echo of criticism between book lovers sharing their most recent or favorite reads. No “That sucked” or “Ugh I hated that.” Because book lovers respect that everyone gets something different from a book. Book lovers respect each other. And who doesn’t need a community like that right now?

So, my fellow book lovers, I salute you with 5 reasons why I think you’re the best:

You’re persistent. Some books are harder to read than others, and some readers need a littler more time. But once a book captures your interest, you don’t let go.

You’re reflective. Reading isn’t really the passive exercise it seems to be from a distance. Critical thinking requires mental muscle, and sitting with your thoughts is a skill from which everyone could benefit.

You’re insightful. Ask a book lover for a recommendation, and chances are you’ll leave with 50, one for each occasion you may be facing in the next month or so. Beach? Jury duty? A trip to the in-laws? Your turn at book club? A birthday present? Book lovers have you covered.

You’re generous. Speaking of recommendations, book lovers love to share. From sharing their favorite recent read to passing along a hard copy of a book, book lovers can’t really truly love a book until they’ve hooked someone else on it too.

You’re creative. Book lovers love to read, but they love to bring their A Game when it comes to a themed book club meeting. Need evidence? Hit up Pinterest. Go on, I’ll wait.

I love you, my fans of the page. Here’s to another year of sharing our favorites.

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