No Time to Blink by Dina Silver

Originally published December 2017

What are the lengths you will go to for love?

Would you take the road less traveled? Eschew the societal norms that have shaped your existence? Move across the globe? Give up a career?  Risk your life? Fight harder than you thought you ever could? In Chicago-area author Dina Silver’s latest, No Time to Blink, (coming 2/13/18) the concept of love in its many machinations is explored through the eyes of two women – Catherine “CC” Clarke and her daughter, Ann Marie.

While more than a handful of relationships are at play, it’s the mother/daughter and husband/wife varieties of love that get the bulk of attention over the course of nearly 300 pages. Ann Marie is grappling with raising three young boys in the Chicago ‘burbs on her own, as her asshat husband has left her for his own personal reset. And it’s through a search for a lawyer that her own mother’s past comes into play, and readers are treated to parallel stories about love gone wrong. (There’s something kind of escapist about traveling back to Greenwich, CT circa 1970. I felt like I needed to pair the book with a martini.)

At the heart of the story, Silver’s main characters confront the depths to which they’ll go for love, and what they’ll do for the people that inspire such strong emotions. Some decisions that feel the easiest to make come with painful repercussions. And the hardest ones to make? Often carry a sting of remorse, albeit thankfully without regret.

If you’ve read any of Silver’s books in the past, you will certainly enjoy this, based on a true life tale. And if this is your first dive into her collection, No Time to Blink is accessible and engaging. You’ll find yourself caring about the outcome and, like a few of her other books, wishing you could see a few pages into the future. (What the hell? I want to know what happens with Scott! Such a tease.) It’s the perfect read for a long weekend by the fire or on the bleachers in between hockey practices and skating lessons.

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