Sick in the Head

Originally published June 2015

You gotta love Tuesdays.

Or am I the only one that scrolls through new releases each week, adding books to my TBR (To Be Read) queue?

This week, we’re treated to the comedic stylings of Mr. Judd Apatow and his collection of interviews with a wide swath of comedians and creative types, aptly titled, “Sick in the Head.

Spanning nearly three decades, Apatow first began interviewing funny people back in the early 80s, when a job at the high school radio station afforded him to opportunity to flex a journalistic muscle, scheduling interviews with people unsuspecting of his age and experience. He thought, if his friends could be interviewing REM, he could be interviewing Jerry Seinfeld. Let me state the obvious—this worked out well for him.

The book also goes behind the scenes of his own work, and in particular, projects like Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up and the upcoming Amy Schumer vehicle, Trainwreck.

I like my celebrity insight as much as the next person. Oh, sure … I pretend not to troll sites like and Us Weekly, but let’s face it—celebrity voyeurism can sometimes have an entertainment factor of 11. That said, I revel in smart insight—conversations about the craft and not the craft table. And with Apatow’s subjects, ranging the spectrum of the comedy world, there are several themes that remain constant, those most prominent being the fact most (but not all) comedy is borne from some sort of pain, and that fierce discipline and commitment to that passion is essential for success.

There’s no shortage of star power with this collection—from Steve Allen to Steve Martin, Amy Schumer to Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock to Key and Peele, the conversations are illuminating and enlightening.

And the best part of buying this book? All the proceeds go to tutoring and literacy programs—part of a deal he made with author Dave Eggers. So go buy it already, and enjoy!

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