The “How To” on “50 Shades” Kind of Fun

Far be it for HeadLitzyDitz to ignore what her readers are looking for. I crack up every time I check my blog stats only to find people are still reading my review on “50 Shades of Grey.” Of all the books I’ve read this year and last, it really ranks as one of the worst. But, it does fill a void. People like to read the hot stuff, too. The other trend that has come to my attention is how people get to my review—a lot of the referring searches have to do with “how to.” Which made me think—are … Continue reading The “How To” on “50 Shades” Kind of Fun

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Um, yeah. That was disturbing. On a mission to prove there’s better writing in erotica than “50 Shades of Grey,” I downloaded Anne Rice’s first book in a trilogy, “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.” I’ll be blunt—it is better writing. Much better writing. But this is definitely a “to each their own” kind of thing. Rice takes the dominant/submissive theme to a level even Christian Grey wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot-pole. This novel starts with a fairytale premise—Beauty has long been asleep, trapped by a curse. And like that fairytale, a Prince arrives to save her. But he doesn’t wake … Continue reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

50 Shades of Grey

Well. Let’s be clear about one thing. It was a coworker who showed me an article about this book first. I was practically DARED to read this book. It was forced upon me, I say. Forced, like Christian Grey’s broad, tanned, smooth shoulders upon Ana’s full, perky, lascivious … E.L. James is no Tolstoy (yes, my adjective use above is an open swipe at James’ writing style), but let’s face it, when you are writing Twilight fanfiction and are able to morph it into an erotic trilogy that women everywhere are reading and not talking about, I’m sure she’s laughing … Continue reading 50 Shades of Grey