State of Wonder

This was my first foray into Ann Patchett territory, and it proved successful—while the story line leans a little toward the ridiculous (80-year-old pregnant women running around the Amazon? For the love of Jeebus, don’t make that magic potion here! I am done birthing babies!), the book achieved what the best ones, for me, do—I couldn’t put it down. What would Dr. Singh find in the Amazon? What is Dr. Swenson really working on? Whatever happened to Anders? I had to know the answers! I found the story fairly engrossing and several notches above typical “chick lit” writing, which can grow weary after a few chapters. I appreciated Marina’s physical and emotional journey, and that readers got a little bit … no … a big payoff in the end. A realistic payoff. Jodi Picoult would have ended it with Easter coming back to the States only to get hit by a car at the airport, and Marina would have found true love only to have that person get eaten by a snake, so I enjoyed the perhaps no-so-romantic but easier-to-believe emotional entanglements. Bravo!

State of Wonder
Ann Patchett

4 thoughts

  1. Hey, Did I recommend this book to you? I loved it. Next you have to read The Paris Wife and the Hunger Games Series. I am on reading break so I can finish getting midterm grades posted. Next stop? Parent/Teacher conferences.

  2. I’ve heard “The Paris Wife” come up a couple of times now, so I have to go place it on hold at the library. Now stop grading and go get The Leftovers. I need to discuss!!!

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