Big Love for Big Kitties

If you have any animal lovers in the home, then the past couple days have been rough. Images of the stacks of big cats coming from the animal preserve in Ohio are tough to see as an adult, let alone a child. (And yes, I am that bad parent who let her 10-year-old daughter watch the news story.) LittleLitzy and I talked about what happened, and I found myself confronted with many “Why? Why? Why?” -related questions.

A trip to the library may be in order—here are at least two titles to look for should you find yourself in a similar spot:

Born Free
Joy Adamson

Well, here you go—a tale of a cat raised in captivity and the owner who loved her enough to let her go. Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the book, and this version is said to include some pretty spectacular photography.

My Life with the Chimpanzees
Jane Goodall

Especially nice touch here—she mentions reading “Dr. Doolittle” as a child, and that being one of the factors in her choice of a career as an adult. See what a good book can do?

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