One Pink Line

Well, here’s your beach book.

One Pink Line was the perfect palate cleanser after the harrowing Running the Rift. It’s the story of love gone …wrong? No. Stupid? Maybe. Sydney Shepard is a recent high school graduate who meets the love her life the summer prior to leaving for college. Ethan Reynolds is that love, and the two commit to remaining in love, though free to enjoy their college experiences at separate schools. One drunken night 4 years later, Sydney becomes the cautionary tale for any young single girl attending a frat party — and a mommy 9 months later.

As the reader, I will say this—the story’s not entirely complex, and not too difficult to figure out. I would have appreciated a deeper look into why exactly Sydney and her mother don’t mesh, why Ethan is the one ready to commit, how Grace comes to terms–if she really does–with her parentage (the book jumps entire years at at a time) and really, more about the relationship between Ethan and Sydney. BUT–with all that, I still couldn’t put the book down. I was engaged from start to finish, which makes it great for the beach, the plane, a long car ride. It’s definitely enjoyable, you you will root for Sydney, as problematic as her situation is.

An interesting note—living and working in the same area the book is set, I’ve heard stories of cocaine use, such as that mentioned by the author, with kids as young as sophomores in high school. So while reading this book, should you be tempted to scoff at the notion of drug use at such a young age, believe you me, it’s all too real. And way scary. Maybe more so than a college pregnancy.

One Pink Line
Dina Silver

3 thoughts

  1. I reviewed this book on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I understand what you mean about the complexity.

    However, I loved it, and for a self-published book, the author didn’t have the legions of support staff that are well-paid and experienced like traditional authors have.

    I say good job but, yes, it could have been developed a more.

    1. I agree — for self-published, I was pretty impressed — just felt like there could have been more. Family is such a favorite theme for me, so I was left wanting.

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