Kat Fight

Headed to the beach and need a quick, fun read?

Grab Kat Fight.

Author Dina Silver is making headway in the chick lit genre with her second novel, a follow-up to “One Pink Line.” Silver’s protagonist, Kat, is a young twenty-something navigating a frustrating relationship while living single-style in Chicago and working at an ad agency. Though not auto-biographical, Silver draws from her personal experiences to craft this fun read. (Had she gone in a different direction, the girl could be Mrs. Skin, after all — hilarious!)

It’s got many of the elements we’ve come to expect in a beach book—gay best friend, meddling-but-loving sister, intense best friend (and subsequent participant in the also expected love triangle), bitchy-but-not-really-a-bitch boss, and jackhole ex-boyfriend who only realizes how awesome you are when you finally are ready to move on with someone else.

Why I liked it: Like “Calico Joe,” it was a book I could take a long afternoon with and just enjoy—not too heavy on the brain, easily accessible characters and finishable in a day. If I were to nit-pick, I felt like I kept waiting on some resolution to Megan’s issues with either being a mommy or being married to someone a bit hapless in the father department. But really, when it comes to character development, one character out of a dozen isn’t bad, and does provide just the fodder necessary for book club discussion. “Is Megan being too demanding? Is she jealous of Kat? Maybe Miles isn’t Henry’s and and he knows it!” (Just kidding, that last thought is the question that gets asked after the third glass of wine.)

Silver’s books are easy to relate to because they come from real life. Maybe not straight from real life, but enough so that you can feel a bit of “been there, done that” while reading. Here’s hoping she has a few more stories to share!

Kat Fight
Dina Silver

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